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Vacations in Alberta, Canada

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About ALBERTa 

The province of Alberta has continued to be a top tourist attraction in Canada since the early 20th century. Alberta is a wonderful place to visit and live- with each town being unique to the next. Edmonton and Calgary are our two largest cities offering the most tourist attractions. If you’re looking to get the best experience out of our wonderful province, make sure you visit both. Our attractions range from nature, culture, heritage, and arts, to food, shopping, and relaxation. The spectacular view of some of the largest mountains in the world attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, but that is not all Alberta has to offer! Our fishing and hunting adventures have been considered some of the best. Check out our vacation options above. 

Area661,848 km2

Population4,067,175 (2016)

Capital: Edmonton

ConfederationSeptember 1, 1905
Chalets du Huard
Wild Goose
Lac Berthalot
St Cyr Royal

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